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'80 Malibu Custom
This was my girlfriend's car ( until I got my hands on it and did some customizing ! ) It's a 1980 Chevy Malibu with factory bucket seats, floor shifter. I changed the header panel from the single rectangle headlight to the station wagon dual headlight setup. I got a station wagon parts car for free and used a ton of parts to put her car back together after I crashed it. (OOPS !!!) My son was in the car with me (seat belted in of course) he was fine but I was pretty cut up from being stuffed under the dash on impact. The original 267 small block was stock other than the cam, lifters & double roller timing chain. This was one of the most dependable cars we ever had. I custom mixed the paint, it looks black but it's actually a REALLY dark purple. I started off with 99K Black Chromabase and added 1000 grams YES A WHOLE BOTTLE of violet powder pearl to give it a wild look. I tinted out some white basecoat to make the lavender outline color and the front of the car is a stock Ford color "Iris Pearl" Clear coated with DuPont 7800S High Build Clear, then wetsanded & buffed.