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28" Chopper Tank
This one started off as a Sportster flat bottom tank. I removed the bottom and cut off the whole rear, leaving nothing but the front shell. I also installed a Performance Machine flush mount gas cap.
When I build a tank like this I start by mocking up the tank on a section of tubing. I used tape to give me an idea of what it would look like when it was complete. After I was happy with the length, I made templates from poster board and re-checked the look. When it looks good I then transfer the templates to 16 gauge AK sheetmetal.
From this picture you can see that I just have to bring my work home with me sometimes ! ( I did the mock up for this tank around midnight in my living room ! ) I usually can't sleep when I'm building something cool because the little wheels in my head get spinning. Those are the hours that go into a project that people usually don't see... The kitten soon ripped the tape off and got it stuck to herself.
I got a little spring fever and decided to work outside and get some fresh air for a change.
Here's the view you'd get while sitting on the bike, it's pretty wild ! I can make tanks any size or shape but this style seems to be really popular and I make a lot of them.
From the side you can see how big it really is !
I formed the bottom with one piece of sheetmetal
The top is also just a single piece of sheetmetal !
After all of the welding is finished I pressure test the tank to 10 psi and make sure it doesn't leak. I've been welding for 19 years and no matter how good you are it's always a good idea to double, even triple check all of your work. I'd rather find a pinhole here at the shop than a customers custom paint job ruined by a leak.