Yamaha V-Star Gas Tank Perimeter Weld Seam Removal & Flush Mount Caps

I did some modifications to this Yamaha V-Star gas tank to give it less of an import look. I started by cutting the perimeter weld seam in 4" sections and tacking the tank together as I cut it apart to preserve the tanks integrity.
What a difference ! It looks more like a Harley tank now !
The seam really takes your eyes away from the main focus point on the original. All of the flames and graphics in the world can't help a stock tank...
You can clearly see the difference from a stock tank to this one. It's so much cleaner looking...
From the top you'll notice that there are now two filler holes which will have Performance Machine Flush Mount Caps welded in. It's going to look pretty cool when the caps are installed.
From the front it has a really sleek look now and the addition of the second cap makes it look symetrical, it was definitely an odd look and looked "heavy" to the original cap location side.
I do a lot of these types of modifications so if you want your's done let me know... -Hank